About Our Cryotherapy Machine

About Our Cryotherapy Machine

Built from materials designed and engineered to withstand the harshest conditions on Earth, including the summit of Mount Everest, military campaigns and the absolute extremes outside our atmosphere in the aerospace industry, the RevoCryo is not only lightweight, fast and efficient, it is proven to withstand and perform.


The industry’s first inflatable Cryotherapy Chamber consists of 100 individual and precision designed laser cut sections of our unique fabric. This aerospace and military grade fabric was sourced to withstand the extreme temperatures of the cryotherapy process. The current industry standard units are built of heavy-weight metals, wood and foam. By comparison, our ultra lightweight chamber is clearly next generation engineering combined with cutting edge safety and design.


Superior engineering and design permits our specialized fabric to be individually hand-stitched by our US based Master Craftsmen into dozens of air chambers of such strength they are able to provide the structural support for the chamber and the insulating performance to maintain the temperatures necessary for the Cryotherapy process.



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